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Lives in mars hill, North Carolina United States · Born on May 6, 1985
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May 6, 1985
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February 14, 2017
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October 31, 2014
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I am a positive, optimistic person. Even when I face challenges, I pick myself up and find that I'm even better off than I was before. I enjoy making my friends laugh and putting smiles on their faces. I’ve always cared deeply about other people’s feelings.

I live in the countryside outside of town, about 20 minutes from Asheville. I have a beautiful view of the mountains. We raise animals and grow our own food. I also enjoy the Asheville city life. I love to go see live music as well as dancing, hiking, camping, playing pool, bowling, and more. For fun, I like going on adventures like driving to new areas, seeing new things, and trying new food.

I like to enjoy myself and am pretty easy going as long as everyone around me is having a good time.

I really appreciate my down time watching Netflix, reading, listening to music, chilling out in the country on our land in the hollow with good friends Happy or watching hilarious reality TV shows with my best friend neighbors. I also like having neighborhood potlucks and dance parties at the house with loving family and neighbors Happy

I have a great love of music. I’m an avid drum player, and I also play some guitar, bass, and sing.
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